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Veggie soup

veggie soup with pesto from panerabread

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My birthday lunch was from Tomato Head.  Always delicious, this is my favorite:

The Vegan sandwich on wheat with potato chips, and a slice of key lime pie.

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lunch today

Asian noodles (from Earth Fare) with vegan soy nuggets, walnuts and spinach

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the vegan sandwich

from Tomato Head

One of my favorites.  Tofu, pesto, spinach, shredded carrot, onion, sprouts


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tomato basil pasta

Such a lovely light, summery vegetarian pasta that I enjoy occasionally for lunch or dinner.  This makes enough for 1-2 people.


Tomato Basil pasta


1 T evoo
1 clove of garlic
1 shallot
1 lg tomato
1-2 T basil
2 -3 T spinach
2-3 handfuls of bowties
couple artichoke hearts, quartered
a squeeze of lemon

Add whatever you like, this is pasta you can’t mess this up.  To keep it simple, you really only need tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, s + p and some type of pasta.

First, get the ingredients chopped up.  Start the pasta boiling and warm the evoo in a sauce pot.  Add the garlic & shallot to the evoo and saute on medium low heat for a few minutes.  Then, add the tomatoes and cook several minutes on medium heat.  Season with s + p, add the basil and spinach and cook a few more minutes.  Add the artichokes (I love artichokes and try to sneak them in anywhere I can) and squeeze of lemon, along with the bowtie pasta.  Stir together, if you like add parmesan or nutritional yeast.

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I have been putting all the garden veggies to use, just too exhausted and busy to take some pretty photos of my dishes.  All of the veggies below are from the garden, sweet!

My lunch yesterday:

cold orzo salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, basil, s + p


My lunch today:

raw veggie sandwich:  cucumber, zucchini, squash, basil pesto veganaise


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our lunch from the glowing body, north downtown knox:

ALT [avocado, lettuce, tomato] w/ veggie chips and moroccan mint green tea… Delicious, I think I could eat this daily.


guac & chips

guac & blue chips


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the vegan

the vegan sandwich from tomato head:  tofu, pesto, sprouts, onion, tomato on whole wheat with a side of pasta veggie salad


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sushi nite

A couple weeks ago, we made sushi and they turned out delicious!  I took quite a few pics, but I have been slow about editing them.  The things that I have a difficult time with is making the sushi rice (it usually comes out gummy) and cutting the rolls.  So, I hope to keep practicing and improving!  Enjoy the photos!

Now for the pics:

avocado + vegan tofutti cream cheese + shredded carrot + scallion, in a soy wrap
avocado roll

avocado + carrot nigiri, and marinated teriyaki tofu + scallion nigiri
veggie nigiri

blanched asparagus + tofutti cream cheese + bacos – surprisingly this was a FAV! credit to Ben, he made this one up
veggie roll

marinated teriyaki tofu + snap peas + scallion

the rolls below, were cute little sushi balls with veggies rolled onto rice:

prep pics:



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yesterdays lunch on a sunny monday on a patio, perfect!

barley’s tofu sandwich with fries on the side


- I only ate half, their portion sizes are so large, that is 3 large stacks of tofu and the fries take up half the plate!  I don’t understand why american portion sizes are so big.  Ben & I usually share our entrees when we eat out.  It’s no secret that portion sizes have been supersized & american-ized, especially in the last 20 years.  Just because it’s on the plate, doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.  Share with someone or take half home to eat later :)

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