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vegan sushi from nama

tofu salad

tofu salad – tofu, onion, tomato, cilantro oil

vegan sushi

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veggie dinner

Veggie sushi & tofu lo mein


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I love making my own sushi, so delicious and no worries of fish contamination with my vegetables.


avocado + cucumber veggie sushi


avocado + red pepper nigiri, and maki in mamenori soy wrap

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sushi dinner

I’m a little behind here, I have lots of pics to update the blog….I just need to make the time.  Here are a couple pics from our sushi dinner:

Sushi dinner
soy joy roll w/ tofu, pina roll (avo + pineapple w/ basil & coconut milk drizzled over top), jerk tofu sashimi, shitake & avo nigiri

And dessert:

truffle dessert
Chocolate truffles in a raspberry sauce

from Nama Sushi bar

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sushi nite

A couple weeks ago, we made sushi and they turned out delicious!  I took quite a few pics, but I have been slow about editing them.  The things that I have a difficult time with is making the sushi rice (it usually comes out gummy) and cutting the rolls.  So, I hope to keep practicing and improving!  Enjoy the photos!

Now for the pics:

avocado + vegan tofutti cream cheese + shredded carrot + scallion, in a soy wrap
avocado roll

avocado + carrot nigiri, and marinated teriyaki tofu + scallion nigiri
veggie nigiri

blanched asparagus + tofutti cream cheese + bacos – surprisingly this was a FAV! credit to Ben, he made this one up
veggie roll

marinated teriyaki tofu + snap peas + scallion

the rolls below, were cute little sushi balls with veggies rolled onto rice:

prep pics:



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veggie sushi

jerk tofu, asparagus, roasted red pepper

veg sushi

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veggie sushi

We had a great fall weekend, it’s finally so nice outside.  I love walking around the city and hearing the leaves fall and enjoy a nice evening with a calm breeze.  This morning we hiked in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The weather was fantastic!

Now, onto the food…..veggie sushi from Nama.

Tofu nigiri, Avocado nigiri, avocado maki in mamenori soy wrap.

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veggie sushi

@ Stir Fry Cafe
Saturday’s dinner: veggie sushi wrapped in mamenori, soy wrap

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sushi dinner

The post that is the most searched on my blog is the sushi wrapped in mamenori post. So I am happy to say that I ordered mamenori, soybean wrap paper, and made the sushi tonight with the mamenori. I ordered the spinach green mamenori from Gourmet Sleuth, I am very pleased with the fast shipping and the product is fantastic.

I also found soy wraps via Amazon, you can see them here: Kosher Soy Wrappers.  Now, on to the goodies! This evening, we made veggie sushi, miso soup and edamame salad.

Here is the mamenori, or soy wrapper, onto a bamboo mat covered in plastic wrap

Here is the sushi roll with tofutti cream cheese, basil, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, avocado, tofu marinated in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos:

Sushi rolled:

Sushi roll cut in half and ready to be sliced:

Veggie sushi with mushroom miso soup:

Ben’s mini sushi rolls & tofu + avocado nigiri

edamame + spring greens + balsamic vinager

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veggie sushi

Yesterday, I was in the mood for veggie sushi. I made one of my favorites: an avocado, basil, scallions, and tofutti cream cheese roll. I made the first roll with nori and the leftover veggies I made into a healthy lettuce roll.

Here was my husband’s roll, he added carrot, I believe:

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